Creating / Saving a HAR file

What is a HAR file?

A HAR file is a network recording on your browser.  It helps engineers to analyze your issue.  

How Do I create a HAR file?

Please follow the next steps to record a HAR file:

  1. Open the Developer Tools from the menu (Menu > Tools > Developer Tools), or by pressing Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + I on your keyboard.

  2. Click on the Network tab

  3. Look for a round button at the top left of the Network tab. Make sure it is red. If it is grey, click it once to start recording.

  4. Check the box next to Preserve log.

  5. You can use the clear button (a circle with a diagonal line through it) right before trying to reproduce the issue to remove unnecessary header information

  6. Reproduce the issue (Reload the page or past the link that brought you to the page with the issue into this browser tab).

  7. Save the capture by right-clicking on the grid and choosing "Save as HAR with Content"

For more information on how to collect a HAR File please visit:

How do I share a HAR file?

Please upload the file to your Drive and share the file with Edit Access with so our agents can see and download the file if necessary. 

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