Google reported us that some of our customers may have turned off the comprehensive mail storage in Gmail.  This impacts what kind of emails and for how long they are stored in Gmail.

If this feature is turned off you may not store emails like outgoing Google Calendar Invites and Drive Sharing Invitations in Gmail and Vault.  This means that you cannot find those emails within your retention period in Vault. 

Am I impacted?

If you didn't receive an email from Google or us you should not be impacted.  You can also check if any of your Organisational Units in G Suite have this feature turned off by going to:

admin.google.com > Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings and search for "Comprehensive" 

This setting will only apply to your domain or Organisational Unit going forward and won't store old messages. 

What can I do?

If you need those messages going forward, please make sure you check the box in your settings or contact us or Google referencing the following code:


Further Information

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