You have multiple options to pay your bill with us.  We can automatically bill you using card or SEPA, or you can choose to pay by invoice.  For more detailed information please take a look at your company section for billing on this helpdesk. >General

We can bill you in Euro, US Dollar, or Pound Sterling.  Some licenses are only available in US Dollars. 

Options to bill with us

Automatic Payment

If you choose to pay automatically we will automatically bill you in the beginning of the month and send you the invoice automatically.

To change your payment method please contact us, so we can send you the link to the page to enter your details.

Pay manually by Invoice

You can choose to pay us manually by invoice.  For this you have to demonstrate your ability to send Euro, US Dollar, or Pound Sterling on time and in full. Please check your contract or your project proposal for details on your payment schedule and details. 

Billing for different Products and Services

G Suite

Depending on your G Suite Subscription you pay us either monthly or yearly.  If you are on a Flexible Billing Schedule we bill you for your actual use of licenses on a daily accuracy.  If you are on a commited plan we bill you for your fixed G Suite licenses based on your contract.  In this case user increases may require you to order more seats which will be billed to you based on the term length left in your contract. 

Google Cloud Platform

When billing GCP with us you can be billed automatically based on your actual usage and your committed usage.  Check your contracts with us to understand your committed use.